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Keep Your Space Smelling Great

Keep Your Space Smelling GreatKeep Your Space Smelling GreatKeep Your Space Smelling Great

Your Trusted Source for Air Fresheners and Burning Oils

Waking up to a pleasant smell can make your day. Refreshing fragrances can also improve your mood whenever you are going for a drive. At Diamond Frenchies Ent in Atlanta, GA, we provide you with excellent air fresheners for your car and burning oils for your home.

One of the Best Smells in the World

At our company, we believe that every individual deserves to have at least one bottle of our oil-based and alcohol-free products. We stand by our items and approve them, making sure that you are satisfied with what we provide. In fact, we offer a money-back guarantee if you do not like what you bought from us.


Working Wonders

For best results, we recommend using our burning oil lamps. Even if you only use a capsule full of our burning oil, it will surely get the job done. Our oil also lasts longer compared to burners with tea candles, which will evaporate faster. The lamps have three different settings—dim, light, and bright—so you can control the strength of the fragrance.


Try It for Yourself

Visit our online shop today to order your fragrances. Your opinion also matters to us! Send us an email or a direct message to let us know how you feel about our products.


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